Troopersway Halo at Donay

Tatooine Zhar at Troopersway JW  X  Donay Princess Kiwi at Troopersway

D.O.B:- 16.10.2009

Tia's Pedigree


Bred by Nikki Peterson


Introducing Tia to the Donay Kennel.

Tia is a daughter of Donay Princess Kiwi at Troopersway and the granddaughter of CH Donay Zeus JW, and the great granddaughter of CH Donay Kappa, 3 generation of Donay breeding

She made her first debut at Camberley District open show winning Best Puppy, Best of Breed, Group 3 and Puppy Group 1.

Her second show at Beckenham open show was also very good, winning Best Puppy, and going forward to the last 4 puppies in show.

At her first Champion Show at Devon, Cornwall and South West Beagle Society, she gained her qualification to enter Crufts in 2011.

We look forward to campaigning her for the rest of the year.

Tia's Dad, Tatooine Zhar at Troopersway JW, who is a son of CH Donay Zeus JW

Tia Snow Queen                                    Sitting pretty                              Tracking up


8wks old                                                      5wks old


Tia's Show Results

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18.4.10 Camberley DCS - Open JUNIOR - 1st, BP, BOB, PG1 6mth tri bitch, beautifully put together, no exaggeration in any department, a real show girl, moved true, will have a good future Tim Jones
25.4.10 Beckenham CA - Open PUPPY -1st, BP 6mth tri bitch, good shape to head, nice expression, well placed leathers, strong nicely arched neck leading into good layback of shoulder, level topline, good tailset, covers the ground well on the move Mr J Walton-Haddon
2.5.10 DC&SWBC - Champ MPB - 3rd out of a class of 12

Crufts 2011 qualified

  Val Davies
23.5.10 UK Paper Leisure Club - Open PUPPY - 1st, BP, RBOB   Mr R Smith
31.5.10 Bath Championship MPB - 2nd out of a class of 14

Crufts 2011 qualified

well balanced tri, good bone & feet, good hind angulation, level topline & correct tail carriage, moved with drive

Mrs I Dyke
11.6.10 Three Counties - Champ MPB - 3rd out of a class of 6

Crufts 2011 qualifier

  Mr A H Brace
12.6.10 The Beagle Club - Champ MPB - 3rd out of a class of 11

Crufts 2011 qualifier

Mrs Eleanor Bothwell
1.7.10 Windsor - Champ MPB - 2nd out of a class of 5

Crufts 2011 qualifier

Miss Serena Parker
10.7.10 East of England - Champ MPB - 2nd out of a class of 6

Crufts 2011 qualifier

lovely head and expression, well turned stifle, sound free mover Miss Melanie Spavin
18.7.10 Worthing CS - Open Show 1st, BP PG2 9mth tri bitch puppy of quality head to tail, feminine head with a pleasing expression, good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders & front assembly, giving her great balance on the move, well sprung ribs with good developing muscle in hindquarters, stifles well bent, allowing her great drive & free mature movement for such a young puppy Charlotte Ayres
25.7.10 Leeds - Champ PB - 3rd out of a class of 15

Crufts 2011 qualifier

  Mr Ron Caney
31.7.10 Beagle Association - Champ PB - 4th out of 15 Mrs M A Joyce
7.8.10 The Houndshow - Champ PB - VHC out of 20    
20.8.10 Welsh KC - Champ PB - 4th out of 7   Frank Kane
28.8.10 N&MCBC - Champ PB - 4th out of 8   David Craig
3.9.10 City of Birmingham - Champ PB - 4th out of 7   Miss A M Phillips
10.9.10 Richmond - Champ PB - 1st out of 6

Crufts 2011 qualifier

  Frank Bothwell
19.9.10 Eastbourne - Open 1st   Mr J Thirlwell
26.9.10 Welsh Beagle Club - Champ JB - 2nd out of 10

Crufts 2011 qualifier

  Mal Phillips
2.10.10 Driffield - Champ PB - VHC out of 8   Linda Player
7.10.10 Horsham DCS - Open BP & PG1 Rowan Ford
10.10.10 Beckenham - Open 1st, RBOB   Steve Jepson  
24.10.10 Gravesend - Open 2nd   Liz Stannard  
7.11.10 West Mercia Beagle Club- Open 3rd   Pat Sutton  
13.11.10 The Beagle Club - Open 2nd   Jayne Clays  
21.11.10 Camberley - Open 1st, BOB   David Mercieca  
2.1.11 Ashford & Faversham - Open 1st, RBOB   Kelly Vaughan  
19.2.11 Maidenhead - Open 1st, RBOB Sally Precey
15.5.11 Sutton - Open BOB & RBIS   Catherine Mason

BIS Judge - Wendy Cross